Duncan Ayscough 
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Duncan Ayscough

My work is primarily a reflection of my love of the making process. The movement of form and structure provided by the potters wheel is for me a continuing intrigue. All my pots are one off pieces, thrown and fired on the potters wheel. Surfaces are constructed using terra sigilatta, fine particled liquid clay, employing surface carbonisation techniques to provide colour and tonal richness. All work is waxed polished and additions of gold leaf are made to heighten the visual impact.

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Fellow of the Craft Potters Association of Great Britain
Craft Potters Association of Great Britain
Professional Member of the Society of Designer Craftsmen
Society of Designer Craftsmen
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Arts Council of Wales
Studio Pottery
Studio Pottery

Contemporary Ceramics, 63 Great Russell Street, London

Bluecoat Display Centre, Liverpool

The Gallery, Ruthin Crafts Centre
Tel: 01824 704774

Prices range from 100 to 500

Duncan Ayscough, tel: 01550 777460,   email: duncan@ayscoughceramics.co.uk